The Loft Sessions: Kickstart Edition!

The idea of this night is simple: to bring local artists and musicians together for one night in an intimate venue.

To liven the night we invited a myriad of local musicians to bring their instrument(s) of choice and join in on one big group jam session, playing the defining songs of generations.

For a venue we have chosen the Coffee Bar and Vintage Motorcycle shop, Kickstart Cafe to set the tone for the night. It has an amazing atmosphere and is a great space to host a live event of this caliber. Packed to the ceiling with vintage and nostalgic bikes, related art work and even an airplane to keep your eyes as entertained as your ears.

We have formed a loose set list of suggested music as it is likely none of you have played together before. We felt it necessary to lend some direction for the evenings events, but ultimately it is up to the group what gets played.

We have been getting great feed back from people on this project. I think it will be a fantastic melding of styles and talents over a wide spectrum of music. We will post the dry list shortly do you may familiarize yourselves with it.but please feel free to bring your own m material to be shared with the group.

We will be recording live audio and video of the evening for a special episode of The Loft Sessions.

Hors d’oeuvres by Mackinaw Pickles

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